Automotive engineering

Our department for developing your services!

vRbikes combines expertise from the fields of automotive and motorcycle technology, general transportation and mechanical engineering.
Under the motto "bringing ideas to life as quickly as possible, to learn as efficiently as possible", we implement functional models and prototypes to illustrate proposed solutions and concepts in next to no time.
We gladly use this expertise to implement customer-specific requests. Many of our products can be expanded and combined in a modular manner in order to maximise the benefits for the customer.

Are you working on a project but need help with vehicle construction, innovation management or vehicle registration? We will be delighted to help!



vRbikes works with SolidEdge CAD software and can use it to process virtually all common CAD formats. Many of our components are strength-tested using solid-state simulations. We have a variety of tools available to perform these tests.

Automotive engineering and vehicle construction with strength analyses using Finite Element Methods FEM

Innovation studio

The innovation studio is a key part of our workshop. This is where exciting and sometimes crazy concepts and prototypes are produced, away from linear series production. An important area of the studio is the "dancefloor", where creative ideas are given free rein.

Roller test bench

Together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), vRbikes has developed its own roller test bench, with which both sides of vehicles, including multi-track vehicles, can be analysed independently and simultaneously. That means various tests can be performed under constantly uniform conditions. Possible tests include:

- Performance measurements
- Simulations of driving on different terrains
- Brake tests
- Vibration tests
- Display calibration