Postal vehicles 
and courier vehicles

The benefits of the vR3 are clear: Tricycles are just as easy to handle as scooters, only with a smaller turning circle, improved safety and – above all – greater transport capacity. The operational costs are much lower than for conventional transport vehicles. Thanks to its modular design, the vR3 can be coordinated with the relevant products being transported, thereby maximising efficiency. The vR3 is particularly suitable for transporting letters and packages, food (pizza, sushi, etc.), medication and flowers. Not forgetting that it can also be used together with the vRcarry trailer.

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Examples of solutions implemented in the delivery vehicle sector

Home delivery with the vR3 – Not just for pizza deliveries

Compared with conventional scooters, the vR3 has considerably greater load capacity, all without losing manoeuvrability in urban traffic. We implemented a solution for the vR3 with two containers; with this solution, the total width of the vehicle is just 80 cm but it can nonetheless be used to transport two large standard insulated boxes.

Special design for the Schweizer Post

The Swiss postal service (Schweizer Post) uses special delivery containers that are pre-sorted in distribution centres. In order to satisfy the requirements of these containers (in terms of size and orientation) and the necessary volume, vRbikes designed a suitable special container.

The container has one main compartment in which two boxes of upright C4 envelopes can be transported. The container also has space for another two boxes. Furthermore, the container has a document compartment in which registered post can be transported, for example. Both the container and the document compartment are locked using the same key.