The modular electric vehicle.

vR3 electric tricycle, the modular electric vehicle

The innovative mobility platform

Swiss, smart and advanced – The new vR3 is consistent with the values of vRbikes in every respect. The modular concept of the vR3 impresses with its efficient and customer-specific application possibilities and considerable transport capacity.

The vR3 can easily be configured for a wide range of applications. Central elements of the design include the universal connection points at the front and rear, and the space between the two rear wheels, which is available thanks to the vR3's patented chassis design and which significantly increases both the transport volume and the flexibility.

The vR3 electric tricycle with standard connection points



Up to 1000 l transport volume (in the WIDEBODY version), 270 kg working load and 130 km range.

With a turning circle of less than 4.5 m, a ground clearance of 18 cm and the ability to climb at steep gradients of up to 25%%, the vR3 is equally at home in narrow old-town alleyways and mountain villages. The automatic parking brake, the redundant drivetrain with its energy recovery system, the unusually long range and the intelligent set-up minimise downtimes and boost productivity considerably.

Safety and comfort

High-quality disk brakes on all three wheels bring the vR3 to a safe stop at all times. Thanks to the three-wheel concept and the balanced chassis, the vR3 is always safe to ride and remains a trusty companion even when it is raining or snowing. Even in the wide-body option, the vR3 travels as if it were on rails. The optional tilting technology also improves both the riding dynamics and safety when cornering. The low step-through makes getting on and off easier. The seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally – with or without a backrest – so that any rider can find the perfect position for them. The impressive ergonomics of the vR3 have been carefully conceived, right down to the last detail: Clearly arranged operating levers and an easy-to-read display make riding a pleasant experience.


The emission-free drivetrain is just one small bonus compared with the real benefit of the vR3: The vR3 can easily adapt to constantly changing requirements within the holder organisation or in its new area of application. The operating time of the vR3 is therefore considerably longer than comparable models. Not just a second life, but maybe a different life too. This substantially reduces the overall impact on the environment and makes it significantly more cost effective.


Properties Vehicle category L2e
  Driving licence category F/A1, drivers aged 16+
  Speed 45 km/h
  Range Up to 130 km
Weights Kerb weight 225 kg
  Working load/trailing load 90 kg at the rear, 30 kg at the front/200 kg
Drive Motor Brushless DC motor
  Power 2x 2 kW
  Transmission Toothed belt
Battery Technology Lithium ions
  Charge time 80%% Approx. 6 hours (with two batteries)
Chassis Front suspension Telescopic fork
  Rear suspension Suspension strut
  Front/rear rims Aluminium, 3.5 x 13"
  Front/rear tyres Tubeless, 130/60-13"
Brakes Front/rear service brakes Hydraulic disk brakes 220 mm
  Engine brake/regeneration Adjustable
  Parking brake Fully automatic, on both rear wheels


Configuration options

300 x 400 mm front module for the vR3 electric tricycle

300 x 400 front module

The 300 x 400 front module has been developed in line with common transport boxes. This ensures there is space for well-known Rako boxes or even for insulated boxes manufactured to this standard.

400 x 600 mm front module for the vR3 electric tricycle

400 x 600 front module

For users requiring a large transport volume, vRbikes offers a larger 400 x 600 standard front module.

Light rear module for the vR3 electric tricycle

"Light" rear module

The "Light" rear module consists of a 500 mm x 600 mm contact surface and has a clamping system to secure the objects being transported.

Pro rear module for the vR3 electric tricycle

"Pro" rear module

In addition to a transport area of 500 mm x 600 mm, the "Pro" rear module offers around 90 l of additional storage space. Furthermore, this rear module also has the option of fitting the trailer kit.

600 x 800 mm transport tray for vR3 electric tricycle

600 x 800 transport tray

Just like the front module, there is a suitable transport tray that can be fitted on the standard rear module, for example.

Trailer kit for the vR3 electric tricycle

Trailer kit

vR3 vehicles equipped with a suitable rear solution can also have a trailer kit fitted for your vehicle. This is a pre-requisite of driving with the CARRY trailer system.

Customer-specific attachments

This is the major attraction of the platform concept. We will happily implement any customer requests in order to help achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.